ISETV Mission Statement

  • To embrace a broad diversity of research methods and techniques, and to never let any one scientific paradigm limit our work;
  • To utilize these numerous research methods in order to conduct objective and scientific studies of reported instances of extraterrestrial visitation and contact;
  • To use these studies as a way of learning about our extraterrestrials, so that we may better understand who they are and why they journey here;
  • To use that learning to welcome them when they choose to walk among us.

ISETV Background

Founded on February 2, 1993 by Claus Horof and Samantha Arthur, ISETV has grown into one of the pre-eminent private extra-terrestrial research associations on the planet. With over fifty scientists in our three offices, we investigate claims of alien contact and visitation from around the globe.

Through our web site and our Visitation Hotline, we receive dozens of reports of alien visitation each day. Those few that may be legitimate are thoroughly investigated by trained ISETV scientists, who investigates the scene of the alleged visitation and test physical evidence which might remain. An ISETV psychic also probes the area, examining dimensions that are beyond the perception of standard scientific instrumentation.

Meanwhile, ISETV psychologists and telepathic specialists put the claimant under a series of psychological and psychic tests. In this way, we can determine whether or not the claimant is mentally stable, as well as whether or not the claimant believes he or she is telling the truth. The claimant also undergoes hypnotic memory recall in order to ascertain whether the visiting aliens have tampered with his or her powers of recollection.

Using these exhaustive techniques, ISETV has recently made its most startling discovery: the 897-day cycle. In early 1995, Dr. Horof noticed that all four occasions which had been confirmed as legitimate extraterrestrial encounters fell into an 897-day cycle. Using this cycle, Dr. Horof predicted that the next alien contact would occur on December 9, 1995. This prediction was borne out by a sighting in a remote village in Tibet on that very day. Dr. Horof himself personally led a team of specialists to the scene, and after many weeks of investigation he concluded that the sighting was authentic.

Shortly after the Tibet visitation confirmed the 897-day cycle, Dr. Horof read about an ailing psychic in Los Angeles named Trelix R. Saratreet, who was publicly proclaiming that the Los Angeles region would be visited by an alien spacecraft on May 24, 1998. This was precisely the date which is predicted by the 897-day cycle, and Dr. Horof was intrigued by the coincidence. After interviewing Trelix, Dr. Horof was convinced of her extrasensory gifts and immediately hired her as a vice-director in the Los Angeles office, where she has been working along with our other psychic staff members in order to establish the precise location of the impending alien visitation. ISETV astronomers are also scanning the skies in an attempt to locate the incoming craft and possibly chart its course. With sufficient funding, we are confident that we can pinpoint the site of the imminent alien appearance.

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