Investor Rules and Guidelines

Rules to Train By
ISETV has attracted many first-time investors to its upcoming meeting in LA. To help ensure a fair, safe and enjoyable training exercise, the rules listed below must be followed at all times. Should ISETV find that an investment team has violated any of these rules, the team will be disqualified immediately from the remainder of the exercise.

  1. Investors must not impair other investment teams in any way, including tampering with or moving anything marked with another team color.
  2. Investment teams must solve every problem that they receive during the training exercise.
  3. Team members must occupy only one motorized vehicle during the exercise.

The Training Spirit
The following guidelines are suggested to maintain the spirit and success of ISETV and future training exercises.
  1. Play it safe. ISETV has designed the training procedure so that all sites can be reached in a safe manner. If you have any doubts at all during the exercise, please contact ISETV immediately.
  2. Be discreet. Investor teams may be required to visit public locations during the training exercise. Due to the sensitive nature of our research, and our numerous enemies both within and outside the government, ISETV requests that teams not draw excessive attention to themselves or the exercise.
  3. Respect the law. ISETV does not condone illegal activity and will assume no responsibility for any illegal actions taken by investors during the training exercise.

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