February 28, 1998

Dear Friend:

A momentous and historic occasion is fast approaching, and you can be a part of it.

My name is Dr. Claus Horof, and I am the Executive Director of the Institute for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Visitations (ISETV). I have spent the past twenty-three years of my life studying reports of alleged alien visitations. I have traveled to hundreds of supposed landing sites, interviewed dozens of avowed abductees, and pored over thousands of photographs and videotapes of alien ships. Not surprisingly, nearly all of the reported visitations which I have investigated have ultimately been baseless: either hoaxes or optical illusions that were easily explained by natural phenomena.

And yet there have been those reports of alien visitation which survive the most rigid of scientific examinations, and no explanation remains other than the most incredible, the most awe-inspiring of them all: alien beings have in fact visited our planet. In over two decades of research, I have scientifically verified a handful of such visitations.

And here is perhaps the most amazing finding of all: four of these confirmed visitations have fallen into a pattern which is at once undeniable and inexplicable. They occur on dates which accord with an 897-day cycle.[1]

After I discovered this pattern in February of 1995, I predicted that the date of the next visitation would be on December 9th of that year. My research at that time could not tell me where the visitation would occur, but I was confident that the cycle would hold. And my confidence was justified, for on December 9, 1995, hundreds of people witnessed a large, disk-shaped object hovering in the sky over a small village in Tibet.[2] Upon hearing the reports, I immediately flew to Tibet to personally investigate the sighting. After months of exhaustive research, I and my ISETV staff verified this visitation as legitimate. This corroborated my prediction and confirmed my 897-day cycle theory.

Based on this pattern, I am predicting the next visitation will be on May 24, 1998--only a few short months away. For the last two and a half years, my obvious goal has been to determine the location of the visitation so that I may witness it firsthand. So far, I have been able to determine that the visitation will occur somewhere in southern California, within a few hundred miles of the city of Los Angeles. And by the time the visitation occurs, I am confident that I will know the exact visitation site, so that I and my ISETV staff can be waiting for them.

And yet even now, when I am so close to my lifelong dream of witnessing an actual visitation, I face the greatest crisis in my career. For years my detractors have been active within the federal government, seeking to censor my research and thus keep the truth from the citizens of this planet. Now they have finally succeeded in cutting off all of ISETV’s public funding, and without further working capital, we will be unable to complete the research necessary to pinpoint the exact spot of the upcoming alien visitation.

That is where you come in. I have reason to believe that you will be sympathetic to my cause, and that you will enjoy the challenge that this next visitation may bring to us all. Here is my offer: in exchange for a nominal investment of $80, I will invite you to come witness the visitation on May 24th along with my ISETV staff.[3]

You can find out more information about ISETV, including instructions about becoming an investor in our historic work, here at

I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours truly,
Claus Horof

[1] Although I am now convinced that these visitations have been occurring every 897 days since at least 1964, I have only uncovered evidence of four of them: on July 27, 1988; April 16, 1976; June 20, 1966; and January 5, 1964. These dates are all separated by 897 days or by some multiple of that time period. More information regarding these confirmed visitations is available on this web site, but only for those who know where to look.

[2] The visitation occurred near Nsige-Se, a small village known for the pious and holy nature of its inhabitants. The precise location was nine kilometers, eighteen meters, and four centimeters from the beginning of the town.

[3] Investors who wish to witness the visitation must be in Los Angeles by the morning of May 23rd in order to participate in a 24-hour training session which will prepare them for the face-to-face contact with the extraterrestrials.

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