Institute for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Visitations

On May 23, 1998, sixty-three ISETV investors embarked on a mission—to save Trelix R. Saratreet, an ailing extra-terrestrial stranded on Earth over forty years ago. Organized into twelve investment teams, the players solved twenty clues while driving a 600 mile route spanning the Los Angeles and surrounding area. Players visited a broad array of sites and exercised a range of physical and mental skills throughout their demanding thirty-hour journeys. However, only by following the logged exploits of Trelix at the various sites could they ensure her survival. The ISETV investors met this challenge, and Trelix returned home safely the following day. For more information about the ISETV game, read on!

—Steve Bush, Christine Chang, Eric LeVine, James Porter, Ric Simmons (The Yellow Team)

ISETV Investor Training Results
How did the teams do? Read our training results to find out!
ISETV Game Clues, Locations
Over the last year, many game players have asked us if we were ever going to document our game. Well, we've finally done it. For players who want to re-live their ISETV experience, we've published all of our clues, log entries, answers and even pictures of the clue locations.
ISETV Scrapbook
It's not quite ready yet, but stay tuned for the pictures and anecdotes documenting our game planning process. You can browse the pictures now!
More About the Game
The Game has a long, rich history. Visit the Game Control site and learn more about it.
ISETV News Archive
Archive of old ISETV news headlines.

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