Investor Meeting

All investors must plan on being in Los Angeles, California by 10 AM on Saturday, May 23 in order to attend a special 24-hour training session which will prepare them for their first contact with an extra-terrestrial species.

The investor meeting will take place near the Long Beach area, at a specific location to be disclosed later. All investors must be banded together into small groups in order to participate in the training session. Investors who arrive late to the training session will not be allowed to participate in the alien visitation the next day!

Group leaders must finalize registration details and pay investment fees to ISETV by Wednesday, April 1. Checks should be addressed to Jason Olbright. Please send one check per team ($80 per investor) to the following address:

P.O. Box 740
New York, NY 10272-0740
The training session will be a strenuous activity, involving severe mental, physical, and psychological stress in order to prepare the investors for the impending visitation. Investors attend at their own risk.

Investors should plan to leave the Los Angeles area no earlier than 8 PM on Sunday, May 24. For all the investors who choose to stay until Monday, there will be an informal party on Sunday night to celebrate the alien's arrival.

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