Confirmed Instances of Extra-Terrestrial Visitations

ISETV examines every credible claim of extraterrestrial encounters, and our exhaustive investigation techniques nearly always demonstrate that the alleged visitation is a misinterpreted natural phenomenon at best, and a fraud at worst. Yet there are certain reports which withstand even the most critical of scientific and paranormal analysis. For these rare cases, only one explanation remains: we have been visited by an alien intelligence far greater than ourselves, come to us for a purpose at which we can only guess. The following are four of the most indisputably genuine of all the reports; not coincidentally, these four incidents also fit into the 897-day cycle discovered by Dr. Horof, the founder of ISETV.

JULY 27, 1988: 30 miles north of Sendai, Japan

Hundreds of rural villagers gaped in terror as a large, reflective dome-shaped object hovered over Mt. Kama, directly over an aluminum mine which had been excavated on the site of an ancient Shinto temple. The ship emitted painfully bright flashes of light from all parts of its surface, so that it was impossible to stare at for more than a few seconds at a time. After approximately ninety minutes, the ship vanished as suddenly as it had appeared, and the villagers regained awareness of their surroundings as though emerging from a trance. An inexplicable area of dead foliage lay directly underneath the spot where it had hovered. Investigating the scene years later, ISETV scientists scoured the area and found traces of radiation still lingering at the site. For months after the incident, dozens of the male villagers suffered identical recurring nightmares in which their bodies were hacked apart by razor-thin shards of glass and re-assembled while floating in mid-air.

APRIL 16, 1976: 110 miles northwest of Calcutta, India

In the dead of night, a "gigantic shimmering globe" appeared over a two-lane highway connecting Calcutta and New Delhi. Motorists stopped their vehicles and gaped, awestruck, as the object floated noiselessly only a few dozen meters above the ground. No witness to this spectacular event can accurately testify to the length of time that the ship remained; most said that the experience lasted days and that their entire life’s memories played out before their eyes as they stood transfixed. However, subsequent investigation showed that all timepieces in the vicinity stopped for exactly seventy-three minutes and sixteen seconds. Of the ninety-two witnesses to this event, only three remain alive today. The others have perished slowly over the past twenty-two years, due to the inhalation of a fine titanium powder during the incident which coated their lungs and ultimately poisoned their bloodstream.

JUNE 20, 1966: 20 miles south of Marrakech, Morocco

A small band of Bedouins witnessed a huge, shiny metallic object approach the Tomb of the Monarch, the holiest site known to their religion. Initial investigations dismissed the craft as an airplane which startled unsophisticated tribesman, but no airplane could do what this object did. It travelled from the horizon to directly over their heads in less than two seconds, and then silently came to a complete stop, immediately over the Tomb. It then hovered mysteriously over the Tomb, remaining completely motionless for almost an hour. Transfixed, the Bedouins knelt in the sand, bowing and praying to the ship as it hung in the air above them. As the ship finally sped away, the Bedouin’s magnesium swords broke in two, and the second half of the swords fell away and disintegrated into the desert floor. The tribe saw this as a clear message from the gods that the warlike ways of their leader Tellurium were backwards and must be reversed. They deposed their leader, renouncing the path of violence forever.

JANUARY 5, 1964: 30 miles southeast of Des Moines, United States

Theresa O’Donohue and three of her friends were driving home in O’Donohue’s pickup truck after their weekly supply run into the town of Erbium, Iowa. As they passed a local church, the truck suddenly began to shudder, and a bright, unearthly light filled the passenger compartment, making it impossible to see anything outside of the windows. All three of the friends reported that they sat paralyzed, unable to move any of their limbs, as they watched O’Donohue rise out of her seat and then somehow float straight through the windshield of the truck and into the light. Then suddenly the light was gone, and the three women emerged from the truck to find themselves in the middle of a cornfield, a quarter of a mile from the road. O’Donohue was nowhere to be found, but just a few feet overhead was a gigantic, shimmering metallic object which seemed to fill the entire sky. The three women later stated that they could not take their eyes from the object, although it seemed to be shimmer so brightly that it felt as though it were blinding them. After nearly forty minutes, the object suddenly disappeared from view, and the three shaken women wandered to the road, where a state trooper picked them up hours later. O’Donohue herself was found by a farmer in a drainage ditch seventy-two miles away, unconscious and devoid of memory from the entire experience, but otherwise unharmed. Two days after the incident, however, her body developed two extremely thin scars which ran from her hips to her armpits on both sides of her body. The scars still remain with her today.

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