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ISETV is one of the pre-eminent private extra-terrestrial research associations on the planet. With over fifty scientists in our three offices, we investigate claims of alien contact and visitation from around the globe. The next visitation is only a short while away, and ISETV staffers are working around the clock to pinpoint its exact location. We are currently gearing up for our investor meeting on May 23, 1998 in Los Angeles. Until then, our site will continue to be updated with investor information, so be sure to come back often.

Urgent Message from Claus
The ISETV staff received an urgent message from Claus. Our psychics believe that it contains advice on how to better prepare for the investment exercise.
Skills Assessment Exercises
The ISETV staff thanks you for participating in the skills assessment exercises. Here are the final results. View the log of the skills assessment exercises.
ISETV Narrowly Escapes Government Raid
The federal authorities raided the ISETV headquarters and temporarily shut down, the group's Internet web presence. Not to be silenced, the ISETV staff went underground and worked with sympathizers to bring the ISETV web presence back to life. The ISETV webmaster now wears a high voltage taser-pager. We expect no further interruptions of service.
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